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In 2010

inSearchX co-founder Eric Brown was actively developing a new behavioral analytics solution for Dataium, also co-founded by Mr. Brown and later acquired by IHS (S&P Global).

Dataium researched consumer behavior for automotive companies, analyzing purchase intent and vehicle consideration across thousands of automotive websites including not only dealership websites but automotive marketplaces such as Autotrader, Cars.com, eBay, Buy A Toyota, and thousands more.

Mr. Brown’s take away from this research

was that consumers were missing out on vehicles that were perfect for them simply because they were being forced to navigate a maze of websites, tools, and forms that were confusing and complicated.

At the same time websites were moving from being hosted on private servers to cloud storage systems. So he asked, "Why can't this website content be delivered to the consumer, rather than the consumer to the website and remove navigation and thus the friction?"

These two observations

inspired the creation of AskOtto a Generative AI platform powered by Perpetual Search™.  Combined these powerful technologies allow consumers to engage in dialog about the vehicles they have interest in, where they are. Consumers may also seek information on services for the cars they own, auto insurance, finance, safety recalls, valuations, repair and service.

The results, no bounce, no bots, only humans, no privacy risks.

The consumer is opted in and connected to the automotive marketer via Generative AI. When friction is removed from  the path to purchase costs decline and engagement soars.
Perpetual Search is dramatically lower in cost than traditional search engine marketing and all forms of digital marketing.

Today inSearchX

is being recognized for its search innovation which is being licensed by companies of all types. Via these integration partners today Perpetual Search is marketed to over 150 million consumers monthly. 

Today inSearchX

is being recognized

for its search innovation. Today hundreds of companies are utilizing the power of Perpetual Search connecting with consumers with active searches for products and services for the car they own or want to own.

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