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The Problem

Few Shoppers Survive the Friction
Navigation is Friction

.01% of Consumers click online ads
>50% Bounce when linking to your Website
<50% Conduct an Inventory Search
Even if they search, the right car has to be in your inventory
After navigating the digital maze <2% share contact information


Connecting with Sales Prospects

Expensive, Exhausting, and Creates More Friction


Days to Reach a Sales Prospect by Phone. And yet, <50% of consumers are reached.


Average Number of Calls to Reach a Sales Prospect


Average number of hours wasted per Sales Representative chasing bad leads

The solution

63% of AskOtto Shoppers Activate Search Notifications
Why? We Deliver the Car to the Auto Shopper

dealer notified
Buyer activates dialog

I’m looking for a 2012 Honda Pilot for 35,000 or so.

Great here are three that match.

Available Cars

Cool, I found one I liked. Call me at 3 Saturday I have some questions.

Stop Paying for Clicks

Only Pay when the Auto Shopper Meets a Car

  1. Set your budget

  2. We'll recommend your inventory to auto shoppers in market

  3. At a fraction of the cost of a SEM/PPC click

Convert More

Convert more of your website traffic into conversations.

Better Engagement + More Conversations
= More Sales

Connect More

Stop chasing cold leads. Connect with serious shoppers instantly.

Our “always on” platform keeps you open for business 24 / 7 / 365.

Close More

With the right audience, 
you can win more business.

We give you the tools to help align the right cars with the right consumers, closing faster.

AskOtto Converts Traffic into Active Auto Searches Anywhere and Everywhere

access Over 100m Consumers
average campaign cTR 4.47%
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